PC/104总线 73SD4

        This DSP based compliant stack-through module offers six (6) separate isolated Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital tracking converters, 16 TTL Digital I/O, extensive diagnostics, digital velocity outputs and optional Reference and turn counters. Each channel also produces differential incremental encoder (A&B) outputs (with programmable resolution) and a zero degree marker pulse. Commutation outputs are available for 4, 6, or 8 pole brushless DC motors that eliminate the need for Hall Effect sensors on the motor thus eliminating processor time and reducing bus traffic. Any combination of two-speed and single-speed channels can be field programmed to any ratio between 1 and 255. Ambiguity circuits maintain monotonic outputs by compensating for misalignment between the Coarse and Fine Synchros; however, the processor will set a flag when it senses that the maximum allowable misalignment of 90 /gear ratio is exceeded. This card, even when large accelerations are encountered, never loses tracking, because it incorporates the unique capability to automatically shift to higher bandwidths. The shifting is smooth and continuous with no glitches. Tracking rates are only limited to bandwidth restrictions, up to 150 rps, at 16-bit resolution. The “Latch” feature permits user to read all channels at the same time. Reading will unlatch that channel. The use of Type II servo loop processing techniques enables tracking, at full accuracy, up to the specified rate. A step input will not cause any hang-up condition. Intermediate transparent latches, on all angle and velocity outputs, assure that current valid data is always available for any channel without affecting the tracking performance of the converters. A watchdog timer is provided to monitor the processor. Resolver inputs are auto-ranging that eliminates the need to specify input voltages in advance. Part #, S/N, Date code, & Rev. are stored in non-volatile memory.
        A Windows® based software support kit (SSK) including drivers and sample soft-panel application is available.
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•  16-bit 分辨率 
•  1 角分精度
•  可编程速比 1:1 to 255:1
•  跟踪率150 RPS
•  角度变化报警
•  数字式速度输出
•  独立变压器 
•  自动相位校正
•  可选编码器或Communicatin输出
•  可选板载激励源
•  Software Support Kit (SSK)
Synchro / Digital
Resolution: 16 bits
Accuracy: ±1 arc minute for single speed inputs
                1 arc minute divided by gear ratio for two-speed inputs
Tracking Rate: 150 rps max. Referred to Fine input in a two-speed configuration
Bandwidth: Default is 40Hz for 400Hz carrier version and 100 Hz above 1 KHz carrier version. Can be readily programmed.
Input format: Synchro or Resolver, (programmable)
Gear ratio: Each channel pair is programmable from 2 to 255
Input voltage: Resolver / Synchro 2-28 VL-L Auto-ranging or 90 VL-L Galvanic isolation
Input Impedance: 40 k min. up to 28 VL-L, 100 k min. at 90 VL-L

Reference: 2-115 Vrms, Auto-ranging. Galvanic isolation. 

                 Reference Zin 100 k min.

Frequency: 47 Hz to 10 KHz (See part number).
                 Encoder outputs: Either 12,13,14,15, or 16 bit resolution, (field programmable) and Index marker.

                 12-bit resolution is equivalent to 1,024 cycles (4,096 transitions) etc. 

                 Differential outputs. 

                 The encoder resolution is fixed and does not change with speed.

                 (Optional, see P/N).
Commutation outputs: Equivalent to the A, B, C outputs from Hall Effect Sensors for 4, 6 or 8 pole motors
Phase shift: The synthetic reference circuit automatically compensates for phase shifts between the transducer excitation and output up to 60 .
Velocity, Digital: 16 bit resolution; Linearity: 0.1%. Scaleable to 0.1 /sec resolution.
Power: + 5 VDC @ 1.25 A (1.75 A peak)
            (Add additional 1A @ 3VA Load with optional Reference Supply)
Temperature, operating: -40°C to +85°C;
Storage temperature: -55°C to +105°C.
Conformal Coating: Both sides of the board can be conformal coated (See part number).
Weight: 4 oz.
             Reference Supply
             Optional (See part number configurator)
Voltage: 2-28 Vrms, programmable, resolution 0.1 Vrms.
             Or 115 Vrms fixed.
             Galvanic isolation.
             Accuracy 3%
Distortion: 2% THD
Frequency: 360 Hz to 10 KHz 1% with 1 Hz resolution.
Regulation: 10% max. No load to full load.
Output power: 3 VA max. @ 40 min. inductive;
                       115 mA max @ 26 VAC; 26 mA @ 115 VAC
Note: Power (VA) is reduced linearly as the Reference Voltage decreases.

Ground: Isolated from system ground Digitial I/O TTL and CMOS compatible. Includes bus hold. 

             Therefore, when used as inputs,no external pull-up or pull-down resistors are required.

Vout L: 0.55 V max. at IOL of 64 mA max.
Vout H: 2.0 V min. at IOH of 32 mA max.
Vout H: 3.0 V min. at IOH of 3 mA
Vin L: 0.8 V
Vin H: 2.0 V
Vin max: 5.0 V


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